Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What I got for christmas 2015

Hello everybody! How did your Christmas day go? I really hope you all had a magical day! Mine was very good, I had the best time with my family and a lot of fun. But after these relaxing and festive days is now time to continue blogging.
As Santa got me some presents that are a little bit different from what I used to have (but I enjoyed them anyway) I tought that I would show them to you.

The first thing that I got were these really cool pajamas, wich are autumn/winter, with long sleeves. They're all really cozy, warm, girly  and fit really nicely (I have already released the last two). The first one is thiner than the others, I haven't released it yet but I find the design lovely. The other two are thicker, very warm, and perfect for winter.

Pajamas: Primark 

In the same bag the last present was in, there were also this hair ties (kind of); they might look strange but if you have trouble trying to put your hair in a ponytail without any hairs out, this is perfect. I know the colours doesn't seem really attractive, but as I'm a brunette they look really good on me.

Hair ties: Primark

The next thing that I got are these two books, wich titles in english are: "The curious world of Calpurnia Tate" and "All the bright places".

Here it comes one of my favourite presents, a very fresh and sofisticated fragance that is called "Romantica". As you can appreciate in the photo the packaging is lovely and it comes in a tiny bottle with a little bow in the top.

Fragance: Intimissimi

Other of my favourites is this bracelet, wich is silver and completes every look with an elegant touch.

Bracelet: Parfois

Finally I have this sweater, wich is a little shorter than usual. It's navy blue and fits perfect, I really like it because it gives a casual touch to your look but it still looks put together.

Sweater: Double agent

If you haven't realised yet I've changed the template and the design a little bit, that's why I didn't post this earlier ( I was really busy).

Thanks for reading and I really hope you like the last post of the year. Speaking of that, I hope that in 2016 this blog will continue improving, that you will continue reading it and that you will have a nice year.
Lots of love as always, Alba xx

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