Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What I got for christmas 2015

Hello everybody! How did your Christmas day go? I really hope you all had a magical day! Mine was very good, I had the best time with my family and a lot of fun. But after these relaxing and festive days is now time to continue blogging.
As Santa got me some presents that are a little bit different from what I used to have (but I enjoyed them anyway) I tought that I would show them to you.

The first thing that I got were these really cool pajamas, wich are autumn/winter, with long sleeves. They're all really cozy, warm, girly  and fit really nicely (I have already released the last two). The first one is thiner than the others, I haven't released it yet but I find the design lovely. The other two are thicker, very warm, and perfect for winter.

Pajamas: Primark 

In the same bag the last present was in, there were also this hair ties (kind of); they might look strange but if you have trouble trying to put your hair in a ponytail without any hairs out, this is perfect. I know the colours doesn't seem really attractive, but as I'm a brunette they look really good on me.

Hair ties: Primark

The next thing that I got are these two books, wich titles in english are: "The curious world of Calpurnia Tate" and "All the bright places".

Here it comes one of my favourite presents, a very fresh and sofisticated fragance that is called "Romantica". As you can appreciate in the photo the packaging is lovely and it comes in a tiny bottle with a little bow in the top.

Fragance: Intimissimi

Other of my favourites is this bracelet, wich is silver and completes every look with an elegant touch.

Bracelet: Parfois

Finally I have this sweater, wich is a little shorter than usual. It's navy blue and fits perfect, I really like it because it gives a casual touch to your look but it still looks put together.

Sweater: Double agent

If you haven't realised yet I've changed the template and the design a little bit, that's why I didn't post this earlier ( I was really busy).

Thanks for reading and I really hope you like the last post of the year. Speaking of that, I hope that in 2016 this blog will continue improving, that you will continue reading it and that you will have a nice year.
Lots of love as always, Alba xx

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Inspiration

Hello everybody! As I said on  monday's post I had a mini post to show you, and that's what I bring you today: Christmas inspiration.

On this season we all know that decoration is one of the main things, and as I love decorating my house as I love christmas (for all of you who don't know yet I love it) I tought that what better to start with my "christmas series" than this kind of post. As I had so many things to do I had no time to decorate, so I spent this days on it. The result is this, I hope you like the photos and that you find something helpful if you haven't decorated yet, maybe if you want to add something to your decoration or maybe if you just want to have fun and look what other people do. Let's get into it!

The first thing, obviously is the christmas tree, probably the most common decoration. I feel that I have to clear out that my tree has lights all over it, but as I can't put them on for the photo it looks a little bit more boring. Also, I tought that I could include a closer look of the small figures that I did.

Then comes another tipical thing, a christmas sock. This is the one that I have ever since I can remember, but I still think it's really original and nice. I like to put it in the furniture, as I don't have any chimney. 

Another of my favourite things of this season are advent calendars, (they are basically chocolate calendars where you have to eat a mini chocolate figure every single day from de 1st of december to christmas day).

Candles are another of my favourite things, but in every time of the year. They are perfect for decorate any area, I love the smell that some leave and they make everything look more elegant (in my opinion). This ones that I show you are only for decoration, you can't actually light them, but I love them to decorate the living room or my bedroom.

To finish this really quick post I just wanted to show how I did decorate the stairs of my house, I got a closer picture because if I showed all the banister you couldn't see it, but is basically this all over.

I really hope you liked this post, thanks for visiting my blog and merry christmas everybody, I really wish that all of you have the best time ever. 
Lots of love, Alba xx

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Welcome back!

Hello everybody, and welcome back to my blog! It's been ages since I haven't post anything here, so I just wanted to explain the best I can why. As I'm in a very difficult and challenging grade this year it took me a long time to organize my homework and studies, and believe me when I say that I had no time to do something for here. I mean, I had, and I even attempted to write something, but as I'm a complete perfectionist if I'm not happy with the result I prefer to not show it. The second reason why I was "away" were personal reasons that I would like to explain, but as this is "social media"(kind of) I prefer to keep that for me.
When I started this blog I can't express how excited I was, and want I want to let you know is that hasn't changed. Now christmas break is around the corner, and I want to post as regularly as I can (I need time for myself, obviously). In my defense I will say that I have a mini-post prepared, but as I have exams this week I think I'm not going to post it before tuesday. 
Another time thank you for been here, although I've been absent the number of visits haven't stopped to increase, so I deeply thank you.
Lot's of love, 
Alba xxx