Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Inspiration

Hello everybody! As I said on  monday's post I had a mini post to show you, and that's what I bring you today: Christmas inspiration.

On this season we all know that decoration is one of the main things, and as I love decorating my house as I love christmas (for all of you who don't know yet I love it) I tought that what better to start with my "christmas series" than this kind of post. As I had so many things to do I had no time to decorate, so I spent this days on it. The result is this, I hope you like the photos and that you find something helpful if you haven't decorated yet, maybe if you want to add something to your decoration or maybe if you just want to have fun and look what other people do. Let's get into it!

The first thing, obviously is the christmas tree, probably the most common decoration. I feel that I have to clear out that my tree has lights all over it, but as I can't put them on for the photo it looks a little bit more boring. Also, I tought that I could include a closer look of the small figures that I did.

Then comes another tipical thing, a christmas sock. This is the one that I have ever since I can remember, but I still think it's really original and nice. I like to put it in the furniture, as I don't have any chimney. 

Another of my favourite things of this season are advent calendars, (they are basically chocolate calendars where you have to eat a mini chocolate figure every single day from de 1st of december to christmas day).

Candles are another of my favourite things, but in every time of the year. They are perfect for decorate any area, I love the smell that some leave and they make everything look more elegant (in my opinion). This ones that I show you are only for decoration, you can't actually light them, but I love them to decorate the living room or my bedroom.

To finish this really quick post I just wanted to show how I did decorate the stairs of my house, I got a closer picture because if I showed all the banister you couldn't see it, but is basically this all over.

I really hope you liked this post, thanks for visiting my blog and merry christmas everybody, I really wish that all of you have the best time ever. 
Lots of love, Alba xx

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